Download Instructions

We are launching GEO App v1.0 through Apple's TestFlight testing App. By launching with TestFlight we will be able to work out any kinks quickly so you GEO-ites get the best experience possible, cause you're awesome.

Download invitations will be sent beginning May 30th, 2018

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Make sure your iOS software is up to date and current
  2. Download Testflight on to your iOS device
  3. In the email invitation labelled British Columbia Lottery Corporation has invited you to test GEO-Van scroll to the right  to where you see the GEO Logo and click the blue “ View in TestFlight" link
  4. In Testflight select Download  GEO-Van
  5. Complete the Registration Process 

You’re all set!

We see you, and we aren't ignoring you!  In fact, if the iOS testing goes well, Android is next and you won't have to deal with any of the bugs that iOS users have encountered.  Sign-up below to stay in the loop with updates on Android development