Why do I have to download TestFlight to play GEO?

TestFlight is an Apple application that allows developers to test their products in a contained way, prior to full release on the apple app store. This allow us to work out any kinks quickly so GEO-ites get the best experience possible..

How many MBs is TestFlight?  How about the GEO app?

TestFlight is 31 MB and GEO is 15 MB.

Why do I have to login again after closing the app?

In this version of GEO, we are not caching any login information on your phone.  We understand that this isn’t ideal, and will address this issue in a future version of the app.

Why is GEO only available on apple iOS devices?

This was a tough call for the GEO Team.  After analyzing from which devices submissions were coming in on previous market tests, iOS was the most popular.  If the app testing goes well, an Android version will be next up.

I see the email from Testflight, but it won’t let me download??

This is most likely because the invite was sent to an email not recognized as an Apple ID. To alleviate this situation, email this TestFlight email to the email address associated with your Apple ID you’re using on your iPhone. This will reveal the redeem code that you can copy and paste into TestFlight for redemption.

When signing up, how do I know when I’ve completed all sign in fields correctly??

The 'Get Started' button will turn from grey to a light-red when all fields are correctly inputted.

I’ve completed all sign-up fields but I can’t proceed - what gives?

Your iphone will auto-fill your phone number with  + sign at the beginning.  Try removing the + sign. The correct phone number format is 10 numbers in sequence, with no spaces or dashes.

When I go to enter my birthdate information, it keeps resetting?

if you run into this problem, we suggest you start by setting your year of birth, then day and month. This is a known issue that will be fixed in subsequent versions. 

I’m on the Profile Page, and I can’t proceed.

Completing the Bio field found beneath the profile photo is a requirement.  If this is missed, you won’t be able to finish registering for the app.  

Why do I see 2 entries upon signing up?

You get your first entry for signing up and your second for completing the profile page.

What does the pending tab mean?

The pending tab means that your mission has been completed but not yet validated by the GEO Team.  Once validated, the mission will move to completed and your total entries will be updated

Why can I only see my most recent completed Log a Bug Mission? ?

Only the most recent, validated Log a Bug Mission is available on the Completed Missions Tab.  This is to avoid clogging up your Completed Missions Tab. If you have questions about the number being counted contact us and we will provide you with the total number of Log a Bug mission completions.

My submission was validated, but my total entries hasn’t updated?

If you toggle between two of the tabs, Discover and My Missions for example, your entry total will update..

How do I know how many entries I have at any given time??

Your total is can be found on the red-ish ticket you see on the Discover, Prizes and Profile tabs of the app. This is the total entries you have for the current contest period.

My total entries reverted back to zero.  What happened?

Your total entries restart with every contest period/new mission set.  You can see the dates of the current contest period on the Discover tab of the app right below 'My Entries'

How are the winners selected?

To ensure fairness, draws are taken place at arm’s length from the GEO Team and handled by BCLC’s Security and Compliance Team.

How many times can I complete a mission?

Only the Log a Bug mission can be completed multiple times.  So please do let us know when you encounter a bug and if we can re-create it, you'll get an entry.  Screenshots help, so please email us your shots.

What if I'm a Vancouverite and completing missions outside of Vancouver? (Especially these missions, none of which are tied to Vancouver landmarks.)

 You can complete non-location specific missions from anywhere in BC

Where do I claim my prize?

 Prizes can be claimed in the players services lounge at BCLC Vancouver’s office.

When do the draws take place?

Draws for the mission sets take place the Friday the mission set contest period ends.  We will attempt to contact winners the following Monday and will make announcements on our instagram page once winners collect their prizes